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Papa had picked me up from my boarding school in Mussoorie, for summer vacations. We reached Dehradun and were moving towards the station...

Maut ka Kuan

Mummy was lying on the bed with her tongue out, when I entered the room. It was just an act to scare me, I know now, but the four year...

A plan meant to fail

The bell rang, everyone rushed out of the class. It was Sunday, our morning prep time was over and we had the next two hours to...

Diamonds & Gold

We were returning back from Faizabad after enjoying a month of vacation at our grandparents' place. We always spent our summers there. It...

Village no more...

Mummy can go on and on with her stories, especially about the vacations she spent in her village. When she was three years old, my...

Sticks of discipline

I published my first blog a few days back, and got loads of appreciation for it. I had a lot of people to whom I could circulate my...

8 years in LOCKDOWN

My siblings and I love to argue, no matter how stupid the topic. I am sure such is the case with all but sometimes, I feel we fight over...

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